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Dove & Bloo
United States
Hello all,

Obviously, Bloo and I are no longer active on DA.  We've moved cross-country several times (and will again; Bloo is going career Army), are focusing on our photography (booked our first wedding), are going through some pretty big life changes (he's getting ready for medical school, and I'm getting a second degree- goodbye biology, hello art!), have gained a cat and lost a dog (and gained/lost several fish), and have a little BlooDove on the way :-D
If you're truly interested in our lives and have a Facebook, let me know!

Anyway, all that said, I'm leaving this account open.  I think it's wonderful that we still inspire such talented artists to create such lovely works of art.  I've put all of our series into their own folder as well (with a smattering of "featured" poses), so it should be easier to browse through our gallery.  Also, as I received several notes asking about various things, here's an update on the usage rules.  If you have any questions about using our stock, please read through the following.  If you still have questions, please email me at; this is the only way you're guaranteed to get ahold of me.

Thank you all for the wonderful ride!



i. Our stock is free to use for any deviantART member.
NOTE: Our stock is only available on deviantART.  I want it to remain that way.  I don't care if there are links back to our stock from other sites, but I don't want the source files anywhere but here.

ii.  You do not need prior permission to use our stock.

iii.  Please link back to BlooDoveStock if you use any of our stock.  Also, give us a link to your artwork, either in a note or comment.
NOTE: Just because we're not active on here anymore doesn't mean I don't want to see what's being done with our image (and our bodies, faces, etc).  I pop in from time to time to check up on things.  I will try to favourite everything done with our stock.  If I find out people are using our stock without crediting us, I'll end up deleting this account.

iv:  You may submit artwork using our stock for print on deviantART.
NOTE:  You may, of course, sell your artwork and prints.  It's yours.  It must not be commercial- that is, it cannot be mass produced, for profit, in a campaign or otherwise.

v.  Work may be submitted off deviantART, but please link back to BlooDoveStock and send us a note with a link to your offsite artwork.
NOTE:  I have no problem with art that has our stock being used off dA, IF we are credited.  If it's a background for a site, then make sure you credit us in an "about" section or something.  If it's a signature, then put credits on the graphic itself.  Gallery collection?  A link back here in the description.  Etc.  And yes, I still want a note with a link, please.  

vi:  Our stock is to be used in noncommercial artwork.  If you wish to use it for commercial purposes, you must discuss it with us first.
AMENDED 2/21/13: Our stock is to be used ONLY in noncommercial artwork.  The only blanket exception to this rule is if you are only using our stock as reference- that is, you create a new piece of art, either digital or traditional.  Photomanipulations MUST not be for commercial use.  If you really have a burning desire to use our stock commercially, you MUST email me at to discuss it; be aware, that if it's something I'm not personally interested in, I'll probably want royalties.  Keep in mind that a lack of a response is NOT permission.
NOTE:  This does not mean you can't sell your artwork or prints.  See iv.  It cannot be used in a commercial campaign, mass produced, etc.  No book covers (unless you've talked to me first)!

vii:  Our stock is not to be used in any way that violates deviantART TOS.  Please do not submit art into the photography category (ie, darkroom) without our prior consent.
AMENDED 2/21/13:  Do not submit art into the photography category at all.

viii.  We have the right to ask you to remove artwork using our stock at any time.  We will never do this without good reason.
This also applies to artwork posted off deviantART.  If the website you link to us is deemed inappropriate (porn, cruelty/torture, hate, so on), we will ask you to remove it... just follow dA TOS as a guideline everywhere and we're good.

ix. (ADDED 2/21/13)  I reserve the right to share your artwork- with proper credentials and links back- to showcase how we've been used as models in art.  If this truly bothers you (it's free publicity, mind you), please don't use our stock-- and you might want to rethink sharing anything on the internet.
NOTE: As of right now, this simply means a small facebook gallery with a few of my favourites.  When I modeled, a few went into my modeling portfolio.  All are web resolution.  Also, if you have already used our stock (and I faved it) and don't want it shared, please let me know.



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vampirekingdom Featured By Owner May 2, 2017   Digital Artist
Happy birthday!!!!!
xxxDesmodusxxx Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Your Stock featured in Labyrinth of Lacuna Motion Book. (Credited on the last page)

Read it here:…

Labyrinth Trailer here:

Thank you :)

super-coca-cola Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
I used your stock as my drawing reference here!…
Thank you for your great stock ! :)
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Thank you so much! :)
shadeley Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the amazing stocks! :love:
Embracing Ophiophobia by shadeley
marcosnogueiracb Featured By Owner May 2, 2015
Birthday cake by KmyGraphic  
astarot1111 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful gallery, sorry that you dont do more... :heart:
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